Volunteers Wanted for Art Work on D-Day Beach in Normandy

D-DaySculpturesTwo British based sculptors are looking for volunteers to take part in creating an art work on a D-Day beach in Normandy in September.

They want to create 9,000 sand drawings on the beach at Arromanches to represent each man who died during the landings on 06 June 1944 and need a minimum of 200 people to help out.

Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss from Bradford in Yorkshire, have already undertaken a test run for the event on Filey beach between Scarborough and Bridlington earlier this year to understand how the finished work will look and also calculate the number of people needed to finish it before the tide comes in.

‘Our challenge is to represent those lives lost between the times of the tide with a stark visual representation using stencilled sand drawings of people on the beach. Each silhouette represents a life and when it is washed away its loss. There is no distinction between nationalities, they will only be known as The Fallen,’ said Wardley.

The event will take place on Saturday 21 September which is International Peace Day with stencilled drawings being created on the sand at the rate at which the dead fell which will then be erased by the incoming tide.

Each volunteer will use a stencil and a rake to create the image of a person and the sculptors expect that it will take around five hours to carry out the work.

‘The Fallen is a sobering reminder of what happens when peace is not present. The idea is to create a visual representation of what is otherwise unimaginable; the thousands of human lives lost during the Normandy landings. It isn’t a celebration or condemnation. Simply a statement of fact and tribute to life and its premature loss,’ explained Wardley.

The aim is to bring together people from all nationalities, backgrounds and ages. ‘We will make a piece of art in harmony as a reflection of a peaceful world in which we would like to live. Each individual will work in a team to make a person using a stencil and by raking the sand,’ he added.

The pair, who run Bradford based Sand In Your Eye which creates sand and ice sculptures and also run workshops, said that volunteers can be any age from school aged children to war veterans. Coaches from the UK will be organised for British based volunteers and the aim is for the group of volunteers to be camping together.

French authorities have given permission for the event and it is supported and endorsed by the Peace One Day, organisers of International Peace Day.

Anyone wanting to take part in the sand drawings is asked to visit the website.

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