Upper Normandy President in Shock Resignation

12092013_alainlevernThe president of Upper Normandy has suddenly announced his resignation as of the end of September and not given any specific reason why.

Rumours have been around for several weeks that Alain Le Vern had been suffering from health problems but he has denied this.

Mr Le Vern’s resignation letter has been made public and all he says is that he has decided to leave political life and turn over a new page in his life after 30 years as a politician.

It means that from 01 October Charlotte Goujon will succeed him as a regional councillor and the current deputy regional president Emmanuelle Jeandet-Mengal will take over his duties until the middle of October when a new president will be elected.

Mr Le Vern, aged 65, who has been president of Upper Normandy since 2004 having been elected three times, has also resigned as a Senator where he represented the Socialist party and said that Marie-Françoise Gaouyer, mayor of the town of Eu, will succeed him in representing Seine Maritime in the Senate.

‘I have had the honour of serving the region since 1998 and I can not thank the people of Upper Normandy enough for their support which has allowed me to oversee thousands of projects and innovative policies that have helped to improve everyday life and prepare a good future for the region,’ he said in a press statement.

‘I have decided to hand over my responsibilities on 30 September 2013 and to open a new page in my life. I have always acted according to what I have said and believed in. I am a doer not a talker. My 30 years as an elected official have been intense and I want to look for new horizons,’ he added.

In his statement he named Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, aged 34, the current vice president responsible for employment and the economy, as his preferred successor as regional president. But things may not go that smoothly and political commentators have been quick to say that Mr Le Vern’s resignation is a real twist in the political landscape of Upper Normandy and good lead to infighting.

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