Police urge households in Normandy to use summer surveillance service

Warnings Over Busy Roads and Burglaries in Normandy as School Holidays StartAs the great French holiday getaway gets underway this weekend people in Normandy are being reminded that they can get their home checked for free by the local gendarmes.

Called Opération Tranquillité, it means that home owners can sign up at their local station for their property to be regularly checked while they are away.

Households need to complete a simple one page form and return it to their local police station. It asks for name, address, type of house and size, period of time the property will be left empty and emergency contact numbers.

At the same time the gendarmes have a list of advice for people leaving their homes empty while they are on holiday. The advice includes making arrangement so that post is not spilling out of the post box and this can be done by either having a neighbour collecting it or by putting a holiday redirection in place which can be done online via La Poste.

Police also advise people to close all windows and shutters and consider installing a timer for lights and not to leave items such as ladders on view in the garden.

They suggest not leaving items of value on view through windows such as computer equipment and jewellery. People should also photograph valuables so that if they are stolen it might be easier to recover them.

‘It is an effective way to fight against burglaries. Monitoring for individuals is carried out at their request, all year round, but especially during the summer vacation season. More and more people are signing up,’ said a spokesman for the gendarmerie headquarters in Saint Lo.

‘During their patrols, day and night, the police check premises and also arrive at irregular hours. The aim is to deter any individual to rob an unoccupied home and strengthen the links between the public and law enforcement,’ he added.

If you are the victim of a burglary you should call 17 or 112. You will need to give your address, telephone number, and a resume of what has happened.

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