Normans Revealed as Among the Unhappiest in France

HappyPeople living in Normandy are not as satisfied with where they live as many others in France, according to a new survey from France’s fourth largest research company, BVA.

In its latest survey it found that people living in Upper Normandy are among the least satisfied with only 74% saying they are happy. This ranks in the bottom four along with Champagne-Ardenne on 73%, Ile de France on 70% and Picardie on 66%.

In neighbouring Lower Normandy some 81% of people said they were satisfied with where they live, around the middle of the table for the whole of France.

Those most satisfied were people in Aquitaine and the Pays de la Loire, both with 93% followed by Brittany and Alsace, both at 91%.

Overall 82% of French people are happy with life in their region, meaning that the whole of Normandy is below average in terms of life satisfaction.

A BVA researcher said that France is split in two with residents of Alsace, the west of the country and south happier than average, while those who live in the north and the centre are the least satisfied.

The research also found that people aged 65 and over are the happiest and those with the least money, earning below €1,500 a month, are the most unhappy.

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