Normandy not immune from black weekend on the roads

News in Brief: Traffic, High Tides, Flooding Costs, Car SharingThe worst weekend for traffic jams and accidents is underway in France with the great summer holiday getaway underway and Normandy is not immune.

While most of the worse jams are usually found on the motorways from Paris so the south of France, some part of the major routes in the region are likely to be affected on what is described as black Saturday on the roads.

Bison Futé, the national organisation that publishes information and advice on the roads, has classed Friday night as orange and Saturday as black. Many routes in Normandy should not be too bad but the A13 motorway from Rouen to Caen expects to be exceptionally busy.

There could also be considerable tail backs approaching the toll booth areas with Dozulé on the A13 usually one of the worst.

‘Unsurprisingly Saturday will be the most difficult for traffic. The worst times will be between 10am and 5pm,’ said a Bison Futé spokesman.

Looking ahead Saturday the 09 and 16 of August are also expected to be on black alert and then the 16 is also black for people returning from holiday.

Going away this weekend is set to be made worse for those flying. Ground staff from France’s national airline are set to walk out on Saturday on what is one of the busiest days of the summer holiday season at airports.

Several unions including CGT-Air France, Sud Aerien, FO and Unsa are planning industrial action at Paris’s two main airports Orly and Charles de Gaulle as well as other hubs such as Marseille and Toulouse.

The CGT-Air France said it is concerned about restructuring plans at Air France which is being put in place and could see 8,000 jobs lost over the next three years. The strikers are also concerned about the services being subcontracted to outside providers.

Meanwhile, several beaches in Normandy have been closed for swimming and fishing after tests showed the presence of bacteria in the water. These activities are banned at Granville and Saint Pair sur Mer because of the risk of upset stomachs and gastric infections from swallowing the water.

It is the third time this summer that beaches along the bay at Granville have been closed due to pollution. A spokesman for the Regional Health Agency said there is no immediate cause for alarm and blamed ‘weather conditions’.

He said: ‘Heavy rainfall has meant pollution has been more frequent’. But he also admitted that if the situation continues then the agency will consider closing the beaches along the bay until the water quality levels improve.

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