Normandy Girl Petitions Education Minister Over Dissection in Schools 12 year old girl from Normandy has launched an online petition trying to get the dissection of animals in the classroom banned.

Rose Harscoët was shocked when fellow pupils at her college in Rouen joked and laughed and even played with parts of the animals they were dissecting in the science class. Her petition already has over 16,000 signatures and is addressed to Vincent Peillon, the minister for national education.

‘Dissection in colleges finances the killing of animals and promotes animal abuse. Do we really need to slaughter animals to learn? I believe not and that is why I find it unfair that we must learn through the use of dead animals,’ she says at the beginning of the petition.

She describes her distress as what happened in her classroom at the Fontenelle College when the pupils were asked to dissect a fish and remove the gills to see how its respiratory system worked.

‘I could see that all the students had fun shredding the corpse. I was disgusted by this behaviour. I was the only was to refuse to take part in the dissection,’ she writes.

She has also refused to take part in the dissection of a pig lung and pig heart. ‘The students did not respect the parts of the body and played with them. I was furious to see such behaviour,’ she continues.

She then argues that it is possible to learn about respiration, the working of the heart and how a body operates from books. ‘But my college prefers to finance the killing of animals. Learning with books avoids death. I would prefer it if there were no animal dissections in college,’ she adds.

When it comes to dissection in the science class she would like to see alternatives such as virtual dissection on a computer screen. ‘It would be more focussed as stop kids having a laugh at the expense of animals,’ she added.

The girl explained that she has done a lot of research on the internet about animal cruelty and she believes that they should have dignity in death. She was surprised when she put her petition on that she got 9,000 signatures in just one week.

It is not her first online petition. When the Findus horse meat scandal broke in Europe earlier this year she put a petition online and quickly gathered 16,000 signatures.

She said that she is against all kinds of cruel animal practices including bull fighting, hunting, vivisection and halal slaughter. She believes that too many people ignore what is going on.

American based firm Froguts said that more and more schools are using online dissections and downloadable apps. ‘We launched our online service in response to demand from schools. Downloads and CDs are also available for schools.

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