News In Brief: Luge, Gay Marriage, Ticket Deal, Dead Fish, Guide Dogs

Photo: AJ Hackett

Photo: AJ Hackett

Normandy’s First Luge

Famous for introducing the bungee jump to the world, A J Hackett has now added a luge to its site in Normandy that is suitable for all the family.

The one kilometre long luge is the first of its kind in the Normandy region and reaches speeds of up to 42 kilometres per hour. The adventure ride is suitable for children from the age of seven and younger children from the age of three can ride if accompanied by an adult.

The new attraction is at the firm’s well known bungee site at the Souleuvre viaduct south of Caen which also has two swing rides and a flying fox.

First Gay Marriage

A month after the French government approved gay marriage, the first ceremony has been held in Normandy at the weekend.

Michel and Jean-Claude, aged 52 and 63, were married in a 15 minute ceremony at the town hall in Saint-Samson-de-Bonfossé near Saint Lo in Manche by Mayor Henri-Paul Tressel.

There was no fuss at the wedding. ‘It was a ceremony like any other wedding. It was no problem for me. The law has been passed and I am a publicly elected official,’ said Mr Tressel.

Dead Fish

An inquiry has been launched after hundreds of dead fish have been washed up along beaches on the west coast of Normandy. In recent days the dead fish have been found on beaches at Montmartin-sur-Mer, Lingreville and Hauteville-sur-Mer.

Officials will try to find out if the fish has been poisoned by pollution and where they might have come from as currents could have moved the bodies some way from where they died.

Guide Dogs

Normandy’s only training school for guide dogs is facing financial difficulties after a contract worth €20,000 a year training dogs for another organisation near Paris has been cancelled.

The Vue de Truffe School at Herouville-Saint-Clair near Caen is appealing for donations and also has set up a meeting with the Calvados department for the handicapped to seek aid. A spokeswoman said that it takes 18 months to two years and costs €15,000 to train a guide dog. Currently 16 people in Normandy are waiting for dogs.

Ticket Deal

Three of Normandy’s biggest visitor sites are offering a special ticket deal for visitors this summer. Cite de la Mer at Cherbourg, the Memorial peace museum at Caen and the Circular Cinema at Arromanches have agreed a package where visitor to all three sites can gain admission for €29 as opposed to the normal collective price of €41.90.

‘When emblematic tourism sites join forces it is an event to be pleased about,’ said Bernard Cauvin, president of the Cite de la Mer.

He also said that the sites would be working together to agree joint offers for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings next year. One joint event already agreed is at a peace concert by the Lower Normandy Regional Orchestra that will take place at the Caen museum on 05 June 2014, and at the Cite de la Mer on 09 June.

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