News in Brief: Traffic, High Tides, Flooding Costs, Car Sharing

AugJamsBusy weekend on the roads

Extra police patrols will be out on roads in Normandy this weekend as it is one of the busiest for returning holiday makers.

A spokesman for Upper Normandy said that the patrols will be checking on speeding, alcohol and dangerous driving. ‘Our patrols will be watching out for people passing on the right, tailgating, and hogging the middle lane on motorways,’ he added.

Bison futé, the government owned website that monitors traffic levels, has classed Saturday 24 August and Sunday afternoon as orange which means that traffic on the roads is expected to be heavy. Many families are returning from their holidays to give themselves a few days of preparation before the schools return.

Tide Warnings

Maritime safety organisations are urging people to take care on the coast of Normandy this weekend as the high tides continue. They are reminding people that the tide can come in very fast and there are stronger currents than usual.

‘The summer is not over yet, attendance remains high on the coast. This is why the maritime we are calling for caution and urging people to remember the basic rules which apply to you all on our shores,’ said a spokesman for the Maritime Prefecture at Cherbourg.

On Thursday a man drowned off Luc-sur-Mer in Calvados after being trapped by the tide. The Regional Operational Centre for Monitoring and Rescue (CROSS) at Jobourg launched a rescue operation which found the man but attempts to resuscitate him failed.

People are advised to check tide timetables, available at the Maire and in shops, and times are often posted on notice boards at beaches. They are also advised to take a mobile phone so that if they get into difficulties they can alert the authorities.

Flood Costs

Work to repair damage caused by severe flooding in Caen in July is set to cost €420,000 and the city authorities will try to recoup some of the cost from a national natural catastrophe budget.

Repairs to sports facilities will cost €100,000, repairs to schools, nurseries and museums is estimated at €220,000 and work for clearing and cleaning parks and roads some €100,000. ‘We hope to be able to recoup a good proportion of the cost,’ said Mayor Phillipe Duron.

He added that it will be several months before the city knows if its claims to the National Commission for money from the disaster fund will be successful. There have been 1,500 claims for compensation following the flooding.

New car pool website

Drivers in the Seine-Maritime and Eure departments of Upper Normandy can now take part in car pooling with a new co-driving website that has been launched. People looking to car share to work can place their details on the site and also look for a car share.

‘By car pooling you can make fuel savings, share the costs of motorway tolls, have a pleasant journey and help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, reducing the traffic on the roads and travel safely,’ said a spokesman.

The site has a calculator which allows users to calculate the costs of a particular journey, including any motorway tolls, so that they can share the cost equally.

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