News In Brief: Strikes, Snakes, Thieves, Scammers, Mont Visits, Sea Chief

intercites-180x150Strike Could Affect Trains

Some train services in Normandy could be disrupted by strikes on Tuesday 10 September as public sector workers take industrial action against pension reforms.

People using the trains in the region and buses are advised to check before travelling. Flights are unlikely, however, to be affected.

In Lower Normandy, SNCF said it hopes to provide a near normal service with buses replacing any train services that are adversely affected by the strike. Main line services should be okay but a spokesman said it will not be known until managers see how many workers don’t turn up.

In Upper Normandy SNCF expected three trains out of four into the region from Paris to be running and there could be cancellations on regional routes.

The strike is being led by the CGT, FO and FSU unions and has been called over a French government plan to increase the number of years people have to pay into the state pension scheme.

Slithery Problem

A woman man from Le Havre got the fright of her life when she got into his car to find a snake wrapped round the steering column. But she managed to remain calm and drive to the nearest fire station to ask for help.

They found a small python measuring around 60 centimetres coiled around the steering column and it had not desire the move. The car owner had to leave her vehicle while they called in specialists to dislodge the reptile.

Thieves Warning

Police officers in Normandy are warning that the start of the school term has heralded a spate of mobile phone and tablet thefts. In particular young people in cities such as Caen, Le Havre and Rouen have become the victim of opportunistic thieves when they are waiting at bus and tram stops.

Young people are being urged not to leave their expensive equipment on show. ‘Even if you have your phone hidden in a pocket the fact that you are wearing earphones gives the game away,’ said a spokesman.

Fake Energy Audits

People in the Manche department in Normandy are falling victim to fake energy auditors who are knocking on doors offering to carry out assessments. They then dupe people into paying for audits that they don’t need and which are worthless bits of paper.

‘These scammers are rampant in Manche at present. We are urging householder to be cautious. They are claiming to have been appointed by the Conseil General but we have not asked any companies to carry out this kind of work. So be careful if anyone one knocks on your door offering to do an energy audit,’ said a spokesman.

Mont Dam Visits

On Saturdays and Sundays during September it is possible to take part in a free tour of Mont-Saint-Michel’s dam on the Couesnon to get an understanding of how the project to restore the maritime character of the historic site will work.

The tours are at 15.30 and last for about 45 minutes. There is not need to make a reservation. They start at the entrance to the dam.

Coastal Chief First

A woman from Normandy has become the first female in France to take command of a regional maritime police section.
Marge Cuvier, who was born in Fecamp, is in charge of the section covering the whole of the Atlantic coast of France from Lorient to the Spanish border.

She will have over responsibility for fisheries control, the safety of sailors, navigations and administrative work and in command of 109 police units, including brigades in Lorient and Lann Bihoué and coastal monitoring in Lorient, La Rochelle and Lege-Cap-Ferret.

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