New 3D Film on D-Day Being Made in Normandy

DDayFilmA new documentary film is being made about the D-Day landings in Normandy which will be given its first showing during the 70th anniversary next year.

The 40 minute film, Overlord Normandy 1944, is currently being filmed on location at Utah beach and other significant D-Day locations.

Director Pascal Vuong said that it is set to be an emotional journey as 2014 could well be the last significant commemoration with veterans from the Second World War arriving from around the world as many are now too old and infirm to make the journey.

‘I feel a sense of duty in making this film to preserve the memories so that what happened on the beaches of Normandy will not be forgotten. It will be an educational experience for all the family,’ he said.

He is determined to make this documentary different from the thousands of other films that have been made about the events of 06 June 1944. ‘We have had the Longest Day, Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan, and I could not hope to do better than these movies. I have chosen a different approach which involves using the landscape and computer generated imagery,’ he explained.

It will be filmed in 3D using computer graphics with the kind of techniques used in Hollywood block busters such as The Hobbit and Spiderman and shown on a giant screen.

‘I love Normandy and I hope that the film will inspire people to come to the beaches and see for themselves the places where these momentous events took place and also show that the story didn’t end on 06 June,’ he said.

‘I want to tell the story as it was and not forget certain aspects such as the involvement of Canadian troops, the effect on civilians and the three month battle of Normandy that followed the landings,’ he added.

After its premier in Normandy the film will be released to be shown worldwide.

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