Irish Ferries Cancels Second Sailing from Cherbourg

Irish Ferries Cancels Second Sailing from CherbourgAround 1,000 passengers had to spend Tuesday night on board an Irish Ferries ferry in the Normandy port of Cherbourg after the crossing to Rosslare was cancelled.

The Wednesday night sailing from Rosslare to Cherbourg has also been cancelled and the ferry company is advising passenger to check on its website before travelling.

The Oscar Wilde ferry was due to leave the French port at 8 pm on Tuesday evening, but a fault with its radar system meant the journey could not go ahead.

An Irish Ferries spokesperson said that a ship may be able to get permission to sail in these circumstances provided there are good weather conditions, but the port of Cherbourg was enveloped in fog at the time.

All passengers on board the ferry in Cherbourg have now disembarked and alternative travel is being arranged for them.

An Irish Ferries spokesperson said that the nature of the technical problem necessitated the use of an expert technician and it would not be possible to have the ferry sail before Thursday.

‘Due to a combination of technical and weather related issues, sailings from Cherbourg have been cancelled. Every effort is being made to rectify the situation, to ensure a departure as soon as possible,’ said an Irish Ferries spokesman.

‘Alternative arrangements are currently being made for affected passengers. Further updates will be provided as available. Irish Ferries apologises for any inconvenience caused,’ he added.

The company also has a weekend car ferry service between Dublin and Cherbourg which started earlier this year with the aim of giving holidaymakers travelling into and out of Ireland a third route option.

The vessel on the route, the Epsilon, has a more limited range of cabins and passenger attractions when compared with those on board the company’s cruise ferry Oscar Wilde.

‘The new Dublin to Cherbourg service brings access to European motorways into the heart of Dublin city. For those living in the northern half of the country, it eliminates driving to Rosslare and cuts the motoring time and cost involved,’ said a company spokesman.

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