Drivers in Normandy Urged to Take Care on the Roads This Weekend

JamsDrivers out and about in Normandy over the weekend in France are being urged to take care and allow extra times for journeys with Sunday being named as the worst day ahead for accidents.

The roads are expected to be extra busy as many people will be taking a holiday from work on Friday 10 May, known as a pont, connecting the bank holidays of Wednesday and Thursday with the weekend.

Police officers in Calvados hope that people will remain as prudent as they have been recently. Figures show that April saw a fall in the number of deaths on the roads, with just three people killed.

‘But we are urging people to be careful this weekend, especially on Sunday when many will be returning for visits to family and from short breaks. Traffic controls will be operating across the department,’ said a Calvados prefecture spokesman.

‘For many Sunday will be the end of a very long weekend of five days. We want people to enjoy their time off and to take care,’ he added.

A vigilance red has been declared for roads across much of France which means traffic is expected to be very heavy and traffic flow difficult. In Normandy there could be traffic jams around popular tourist spots such as Mont Saint Michel and the D-Day landing beaches which are already becoming popular with visitors, many of them foreign, ahead of the annual D-Day commemorations next month.

Roads around the ports of Cherbourg, Ouistreham, Le Havre and Saint Malo are also expected to be busy as people return from trips to the UK.

Driving organisations are urging people who have been away to try to return on Sunday morning when the roads are likely to be less congested than later in the day. The worst traffic jams are likely to be between 3pm and 9pm, according to the Association Prévention Routière (APR).

‘A driver on good form, a car in good working order and a route well prepared are the keys for a safe journey this weekend,’ said an APR spokesman.

It is advising drivers to check their cars before starting out, including wind screen wipers and brake lights, to prepare their route and to respect speeds and road controls. Some rain and wind is expected during the weekend.

‘Driving on a motorway is more tiring for those who do not do it all the time, especially on longer journeys. Often concentration can be affected by the monotony of the route. Losing concentration is one of the main causes of fatal accidents on motorways,’ the spokesman explained.

Current road works in Lower Normandy include the D971 between Coutances and Granville at Brehal, the D972 between Coutances and Saint Lo on the outskirts of the city in Manche. In Calvados there are road works on the N13 between Caen and Bayeux at Loucelles Saint Croix Grant Tonne and on the D163 between Caen and Lisieux between La Houblonniere and Cambremer. In Orne there are road works on the N12 in Alencon at Pace and on the D962 between Flers and Caen at Saint George des Groseillers.

In Upper Normandy road works include on the N154 from Dreux to Rouen between La Madeleine de Nonecourt and Marcilly and on the A131 from Rouen to Le Havre at La Cerlangue. On the N31 between Rouen and Beauvais at Ferrieres en Bray some road works will be suspended over the weekend but there will still be a diversion in place for those driving from Rouen. Road works will remain in place on another part of the N31 at Darnetal. And the D6015 between Le Havre and Barentin is shut at St Romain de Colbosc with a diversion in place.

Live information about traffic jams and road works, including a map, can be found in English on the following website.


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