Brittany Ferries Gives Passengers Free Wi-Fi

Normandie ExpressThe busiest time of the year has arrived for ferries crossing the Channel from Normandy to the UK and one ferry company has become the first to offer free internet connections this summer.

Brittany Ferries has announced a new free Wi-Fi service onboard all its ships which it says is the latest move by the ferry company to offer its customers a state of the art travel experience.

It wants passengers to be able to surf the internet, send emails and stay in touch via social networks as they sail to or from France.

The company believes that the move underlines Brittany Ferries’ commitment to providing the very best onboard service, with the range of facilities already including high quality French dining, comfortable bars and lounges, good shopping opportunities, and, on longer routes, a spa treatment room and swimming pool.

The Wi-Fi access allows wireless connectivity to the internet for Brittany Ferries passengers via any wireless enabled PC, tablet or smartphone. It is free to all customers, who each receive an individual access code printed on their boarding card when they check in. The service can be accessed on all routes, 24 hours a day, throughout most public areas of each ship.

As Brittany Ferries’ ships sail many miles from land, the move has incurred a significant investment in satellite equipment and connection fees. However unlike most cruise companies who charge for this service, Brittany Ferries is providing it free of charge.

‘Although many view holidays as a time to escape the rigours of work, many also want to remain in touch with friends and family by e-mail and social media,’ said Brittany Ferries passenger commercial director Mike Bevens.

‘We know through talking to our customers that smart phones, tablets and laptops are becoming a crucial part of their lives, and they increasingly expect free Wi-Fi as part of a modern travel experience,’ he pointed out.

‘Now they can log on, stay in touch, work or play, and put the final touches to their holiday plans even in the middle of the English Channel, he added.

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