Off to IKEA? : Charge Up the Car While You’re There

DSCN3310Most people go to IKEA for furniture but now in Normandy if you have an electric car you can top it up while you shop.

Super fast electric vehicle charging points have been installed at eight stores in France including the IKEA store at Tourville-la-Riviere in Rouen.

A spokesman said that the cars can be 80% charged in 30 minutes at the charging station provided in a partnership with car maker Nissan compared with a normal recharge of eight hours.

Also the company said that all of its new stores will have the charging units, which is compatible with the majority of electric cars, as a standard feature.

‘At IKEA we are constantly thinking of new, simple, ecological and economical ideas for the millions of customers who visit our stores in France. For our new eco-mobility service we hope to provide a high quality service,’ explained the spokesman.

The other stores where the charging units are available are Tours, Bordeaux, Reims, Montpellier, Avignon and Paris, except for Evry and Thiais. But the superstore is not just after shoppers, it hopes that holiday makers will use the stations as they are located near locations that are busy during the holidays.

‘We have chosen the locations of stores so that the charging stations are near motorways that are popular with holiday makers and also so that we cover as much of France as possible. There will be one every 150 kilometres, the average distance before a re-charge is needed,’ explained the spokesman.

‘This free service will allow owners of electric vehicles to travel longer distances,’ he added.

France is the top country for electric car sales in Europe and the furniture and home style giant believes the stations will be very popular. In partnership with Hertz it is also offering a deal on electric hire cars in the capital city which it hopes will be an attractive option for Parisians who don’t have cars.

The company has also introduced other environmentally friendly initiatives including a recovery and re-sale service at 28 stores in France for IKEA furniture. It also has a fleet of 29 wind turbines located on three sites in France which provide 86% of the electricity it needs. More will be installed by the end of 2013.

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