New Tiger Cubs at Normandy Zoo

TigerBabiesThey are still soft and cuddly, but the new baby tigers born at Champreprus Zoo near Villedieu-les-Poeles in Normandy are making life difficult for their mum.

Argo et Djhala, born on the 16 February, are proving to be quite a handful for their mum Chandra, as they get bigger.
They can be seen jumping on top of her now they are on show to the public and already tucking into meals of minced meat provided by their keepers.

‘Their mother is very attentive. She rolls them on their backs to play with them and she often plays hide and seek among the rocks with them. At the slightest sign of danger she doesn’t hesitate to pick them by their tails and move them,’ sais a zoo spokesman.

They made their first appearance in public less than two weeks ago at the age of two months and are now already used to the visitors.

The zoo is one of the most visited sites in the Manche department after Mont Saint Michel and Cité de la Mer at Cherbourg. It is a member of the Normandy Parks and Gardens Club.

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