Mayor Gets Cheesy in Camembert


Jean Gaubert, the mayor of Camembert in Normandy, is pictured on 100,000 special boxes of the famous cheese which is second most popular in France to mark 50 years of public service.


Mr Gaubert, 74, has been the village mayor for 23 years and was first elected to the local council 41 years ago and became involved in public life at the age of 24.


His familiar face is now stamped on the boxes of cheese made by the last local cheese maker left in the village, Francois Duran.


Mr Gaubert said it is sad that there is only one independent cheese maker left in the famous village and he was the driving force behind the creation of the Maison de Camembert next to the Maire which celebrates the origin of the cheese.


Personally, he is very fond of the cheese and is campaigning for small producers to be recognised after the giant cheese makers announced they would no longer be making camembert from raw milk.


Camembert is said to have been made by a farmer’s wife in the village, Marie Harel, who was given a recipe by a priest from Brie whose cheese is also one of the most popular in the country.


Cheese label collectors, known as tyrosémiophiles in French, are likely to be rushing to get their hands on the limited edition box.


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