Council Prepares Publicity Material for Tour de France Communes and Businesses

TDF Remise kits communes 30-04-13©D.Daguier-CG50-066 [Résolution de l'écran]Eleven communes in Lower Normandy are to receive special promotional kits for the Tour de France to help them and local businesses benefit from the world famous cycling race.

The eleventh stage of the race leaves Avranches on Wednesday 10 July for a 33 kilometre individual time trial ending at Mont Saint Michel and passes through 11 communes; Saint-Martin-des-Champs, Saint-Quentin-sur-le-Homme, Ducey, Poilley, Juilley, Précey, Céaux, Courtils, Huisnes-sur-Mer, Ardevon and Beauvoir.

To help the communes prepare of the events the Manche Conseil Général has prepared special communication kits that include banners with each commune’s details, posters, panels and advertising hoardings.

Other publicity including leaflets, post cards, flags and stickers are being made available for businesses and shops as well as goody bags for people arriving to watch the race with flags, pens and balloons.

For expats living in Normandy and other parts of France it will be a chance to see Sir Bradley Wiggins in action as he aims to try to win a second tour.

Local events include La Manche Fête le Tour de France, a giant cycling party open to everyone from families to serious cyclists. A cycling village will be created in Place Carnot in Avranches with stalls, exhibitions, quizzes, games and various organisations represented, opening at 11am.

As part of the event the Avranches cycling club will be organising a bike ride from 2.30pm that will follow part of the official Tour de France route including the towns of Saint Martin des Champs, Saint Quentin sur le Homme, Ducey, Poilley, Juilley, Précey, Céaux, Courtils, Huisnes-sur-Mer, Ardevon, Beauvoir and Mont-Saint-Michel.

On the eve of the Tour there will be an evening of events that include a production of Molière’s The Forced Marriage, music and fireworks.

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