Business Links Between Normandy and Jersey Strengthening

Mini VisioBusiness studies students from a college in Normandy are getting an insight into the finance industry in Jersey through a regular visiting programme that comes at a time when links are strengthening.

The students who are studying management, finance, administration and marketing at the Jean-Paul II college in Coutances are able to get an understanding of the island’s finance environment through contact with various groups.

On the last visit in April the 17 year old students, accompanied by two teachers, were given a talk by John Harris, director general of the Jersey Financial Services Commission and also visited the offices of Jersey Finance where they were given an overview of the finance industry.

Emma Boustouler, Degree Programme Director and Senior Lecturer at the Jersey International Business School, also held a session for the students.

‘We are pleased to assist Jersey Finance in welcoming the 12 students from the College Jean-Paul II in Coutances. We gave them an overview of facts on the financial services industry, its different sectors, what careers are available and the best methods to achieve the desired role,’ she explained.

Carla Harris, Communications Manager at Jersey Finance, said that it is the fourth time that students from the college have visited Jersey to gain an insight into its finance industry. The groups of students have been meeting with various finance industry organisations annually since 2010.

‘Strengthening links with students on the continent in this way is really important and, with the kind support of all those involved in facilitating the visit, will be mutually beneficial for the students and the finance industry,’ she added.

Meanwhile, businesses in Normandy and Jersey are increasingly taking part in networking events organised by Maison de la Normandie in St Helier. The Jersey based company is dedicated to developing links between the island and Normandy.

A number of business opportunities have been created including wood for the construction industry being exported from Normandy to Jersey and a Normandy based biscuit company also distributes its products in Jersey.

There are also plans for an English and French bilingual school in Jersey which are being backed by Laurent Beauvais, president of the Lower Normandy regional council. He has signed a letter of intent with Jersey’s Chief Minister Ian Gorst to move foreard with the proposal. The two politicans also agreed to work together on transport links between Jersey and France, renewable energy projects and economic development.

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