Normandy bridge becomes symbol for campaign for a super region

People in favour of lower and upper Normandy merging to become a super region chose a spot exactly between the two to show their support for the idea. Hundreds walked over the Pont de Normandie which crosses the River Seine at Le Havre … [Read more...]

Prototype drawings for Normandy’s famous Mulberry harbour to be sold at auction

The original pencil drawings for the prototypes of the temporary Mulberry harbours, one of which can still be seen on the beaches of Normandy today, are to be sold at auction. The secret drawings by Welsh engineer Hugh Iorys Hughes will … [Read more...]

Jersey follows Normandy in marking liberation day

As people in Normandy took a day off work today to celebrate the liberation of Europe from Nazi control, close neighbours in Jersey were also preparing to mark the occasion. Jersey and neighbouring Channel Islands were the only part of … [Read more...]